220 Oak Hollow Dr, La Vernia, Texas 78121, United States


Cats and Dogs Forever Sanctuary

We are a no kill, cage-free 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.



 To give feral cats and and companion cats and dogs with virtually no other options the best life possible in a clean, loving, cage-free  environment. 

We give seniors, sick and special needs cats and dogs lifetime care at our sanctuary/home.

Each and every animal in our care will be protected from harm of any kind, receive appropriate food, medical care, an abundance of love and respect.

We promote TNR for community cats, and spay/neuter for all cats and dogs.

Spay/Neuter is the only human way to reduce cats/dogs overpopulation and to have fewer homeless animals on the street and to reduce euthanasia in shelters. 

About Us


What We Do...

  1. We rescue cats and dogs that don't have any other options. 
  2. We pull them from kill shelters and from the streets. 
  3. We take in sick and injured feral cats and give them a forever home. 
  4. We take in senior cats and senior dogs from people that are not able to take longer care of them.
  5. We take in FIV positive cats.
  6. We do hospice care for terminally ill cats and dogs.


Get Involved

Are you passionate about what we're doing? 

Thinking about Volunteering? Let us know! 

We need people with PR and social media skills.

We need people with ideas and help with fund raising.

We need people to clean, walk or just to play with the animals. 

We're excited to have you join the team!

Let Us help

In a bad situation?

Don't want to give up your cat or dog?

We can foster your cat or dog.  We keep them safe until you get back on your feet. We helped over the years many women getting away from domestic violence  situations by fostering their pets for free.

Do you need a new, loving forever home for your best friend?

We  take in cats and dogs from elderly people that are no longer able to take care of their beloved cat or dog. We will keep you updated with pictures and live videos and if at all possible make arrangements for visits.

Going out of town?

Don't know what to do with your cat or dog? 

Let us pet-sit for you, we can either go to your house or you can drop them off at our home.

Thank you


Whether it be Monetary or Volunteer Donations, we appreciate your help

                                  Thank you!!